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If you're undergoing surgery, consider working with your doctor and using systemic oral enzymes before and after. Hundreds of published scientific studies and our advisory board's own clinical experience have shown that enzymes act to quickly reduce inflammation, swelling, and internal bleeding, all of which are extremely important to control following surgery. What's more, enzymes are extremely safe, especially compared to other anti-inflammatory medical drugs that were designed for this purpose. Most doctors recognize that surgery produces edema, inflammation and excessive fibrinolytic activity, all of which must be treated to insure the patient's rapid recovery. Because Wobenzyn N provides a comprehensive therapeutic effect in all of these areas of need and without complications, it is considered as pre- and post-operative frontline therapy throughout Europe.

Wobenzym N has been used successfully throughout Europe for over 20 years in surgery and traumatology, and has been described in numerous published reports and case histories. Among its extremely well documented uses are the prevention and treatment of edema and inflammation in operative dental procedures; proctological operations; surgery to repair fracture of the upper and lower leg; arthroscopic knee surgery; vascular reconstructive surgery of the lower legs; and burns. In one study, Wobenzym N was studied for its use in operative dentistry in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Prior to surgical dental intervention, 36 patients were prescribed ten tablets of Wobenzym twice daily. In the control group, 44 patients received placebo. This dosage was continued until the seventh postoperative day. None of the test subjects received any preoperative therapy with other anti-inflammatory drugs. By day three, C-reactive protein levels, an indicator of overall inflammation, were threefold lower in the group of patients taking Wobenzym.

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How To Use Wobenzym When Undergoing Surgery

Start your use of Wobenzym N two days before surgery. The recommended dosage of Wobenzym N before surgery is ten tablets three times a day 30 to 45 minutes before meals. Always inform your physician before beginning use of Wobenzym N prior to surgery. The only known contraindication for enzyme therapy is in patients who are at risk of post-operative hemorrhage because of blood coagulation deficiency, heavy bleeders, or those who suffer from hyperfibrinolysis or severe liver cirrhosis. However, enzyme therapy can be used before and after most surgeries.

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Wobenzym N Wobenzym PS Wobenzym for Inflammation & Anti-Aging Wobenzym for Surgery
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